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Build a portfolio using any listed ETFs, and compare to a selected benchmark. When you run your backtest, you'll see:

Daily performance metrics

Your backtested portfolio value, current allocation, drawdowns, and metrics like Sharpe Ratio are all based on daily returns.

Portfolio Income

Annualized portfolio income for both your portfolio and the benchmark, with full visibility into individual dividend payments.

Tax Analysis

See tax-lot level capital gain (and loss) data to understand the tax-efficiency of your portfolio strategy.

Full trade history

Understand your strategy at the finest level of detail with visibility into every transaction and the reasons why the model traded.

Configure your own custom backtest below,
Advanced Settings
Choose your Asset Allocation
Search for any listed ETF by name or ticker, or enter the tickers you'd like to use. All weights must be between 0 and 100%.
Optionally, choose any ticker to use as a benchmark. We will simulate a comparison portfolio with a 100% allocation to that ticker.
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